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Wedding Equipment Used

While it is not something everyone asks about, some people familiar with photography equipment will ask about the cameras we use. We own quite a selection of equipment, ranging from expensive Leica rangefinder cameras to a large format "view camera" that uses individual negatives that are 8 by 10 inches in size.

For weddings, we generally use Contax professional cameras because of the very high quality of their Zeiss lenses. These tend to give sharper images (based on scientific measurement) with more saturated color and more dramatic black and white than the other major brands. We also have a Mamiya medium format system, perhaps the most used system by high end fashion photographers. But we think the Contax gives slightly better results.

Many wedding photographers make a big deal about using Hasselblad cameras (which are so good because they also use lenses made by Zeiss), but the truth today is that these cameras have been somewhat overshadowed by Mamiya and Contax in the professional photography world.

I usually use a Contax medium format camera to shoot the traditional wedding shots or for bigger enlargements, and a Contax 35mm for the candid coverage because of its greater mobility and flexibility. There is one particular lens that is my favorite because in close-ups, it makes people look much better. All our wedding photography is shot on film, as its resolution is still higher than digital.

- Liz Szynkowski



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