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We used to have a number of different wedding packages, ranging from $1150. to $3400. In actual practice, few of our wedding customers really stuck to these packages as virtually everyone wanted something different. So these days, rather than start with a predefined package and then change this, we decided to make it easier for our customers.

I sit down with every wedding client and first find out exactly what YOU want for your wedding photography. How do you want the wedding shot and what do you want covered? I will recommend the best number of proofs to actually achieve what you want. (In doing this, I'm not trying to sell you the largest package possible, but rather to suggest what is reasonable coverage for exactly what you want. For example, I've had a future bride or groom come in wanting 350 proofs and I've told them 250 would be quite adequate for what they wanted.

Based on your preferences, I put together an individual quote for you - your own customized package. This quote is based on the number of proofs you want, the number of locations to cover, the enlargements and albums you want, and any other factors that would extend the work for me, such as travel to another city. Pricing follows exactly the same formulas that we used for pricing our preset packages of old. Pricing starts at $900 (Staff Photographers) or $1450 (Principal Photographer). This covers 100 proof and two locations within the GTA.

- Liz Szynkowski



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