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Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Toronto


Based on things I've heard from some of our wedding clients, I have a few suggestions about how to choose your wedding photographer.

First look at their work. Most good photographers develop their own distinct style. This doesn't mean one style is necessarily better than another in any absolute sense. Photography is in part an art and so different doesn't necessarily mean bad. But this does mean that you should pick a photographer who shows you examples of the kind of photography that you want for your wedding.

The second thing to check is that the example photographs you are looking at were actually shot by the photographer who will shoot your wedding. This might sound obvious. But I know of a case where a wedding photographer found her wedding pictures filling another photographer's web site being represented as his own!

More to the point, if a wedding photography studio has more than one wedding photographer, double check that the examples you are seeing are ALL the work of the photographer who will shoot your wedding. And finally, look for a number of examples from the same wedding. If anyone shoots enough weddings, he or she is going to have a few lucky good shots to pick from. So you also want to ensure some consistency in the shooting - which means look for several good shots from more than one or two weddings. For independent advice on picking a wedding photographer, click here.

- Liz Szynkowski



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