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Wedding Proofs

The term "proof" is used by professional photographers to describe a small example of each photograph.

Sometimes, a proof has the word "Proof" and the studio's name imprinted across the image. This is done simply so that you have to purchase every copy of the photos you want to put in an album.
All the proofs we give you are unmarked, quite suitable for albums.

And in fact, they come to you in a simple album or two which we throw in free of charge. Some of these proofs are 5x7 photos, others 4x6. (This depends upon which camera was used to shoot that particular shot. See Photography Equipment Used.)

The proofs we provide you are of the highest quality that we can find in Toronto. Indeed, the professional labs we use are chosen specifically for the quality of their proofs and enlargements as well as their reliability. We have to pay more for these lab services, but we figure the quality makes a big difference. We don't believe in compromising on quality.

- Liz Szynkowski



Gallery: Viewexamples of just a few of the weddings we have shot in Toronto.

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